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Another Universe

L.E.X.A.R.T. - Another UniverseFormat: Album
Date: June 10 2013
Genre: Uplifting Trance








1. Another Universe
2. New Life (Album Mix)
3. Human Beings (Radio Edit)
4. Faith (Radio Edit)
5. Love
6. Time Travel
7. Genesis
8. Sense of Connection (Original Mix)
9. Coming Home
10. Interstellar
11. What Do We Know (Original Mix)
12. The Truth
13. Into the sound (Original Mix) (presents Trance Element X)
14. Inner Me
15. Human Beings (Original Mix)
16. New Life (Radio Edit)



What else could be a better way for L.E.X.A.R.T. to complete his first year in trance music production rather than releasing a new single?

After a successful first year in Trance music production, L.E.X.A.R.T. returns with his second studio album. L.E.X.A.R.T.'s unique EDM style follows the genre of pure Trance music. The deep baseline, the melody, the beat, all together lead to the absolute euphoria. Always with respect to the EDM lovers' needs: to listen to pure Trance music. L.E.X.A.R.T. is proud to present to you: "Another Universe".


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