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Human Beings

L.E.X.A.R.T. - Human BeingsFormat: Single - EP
Date: December 10 2012
Genre: Trance








1. Human Beings (Original Mix)
2. Human Beings (Club Mix)
3. Human Beings (Radio Edit)
4. What do we Know (Original Mix)
5. What do we Know (Radio Edit)



What else could be a better way for L.E.X.A.R.T. to complete his first year in trance music production rather than releasing a new single?

After releasing his debut album "Dare to Dream" in January 2012, the two subsequent singles "Sense of Connection" in March 2012 and "Faith" in September 2012, and the two free tracks "Key of Life" and "New York", on December 10 2012, L.E.X.A.R.T. releases his brand new single "Human Beings"!


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